September: A Word from the Pastor

img_1045When God created the heavens and the earth, He placed markers in His creation that point to Him.

These “markers” are not as simple as a posted sign that reads, “Made by God”, but they are divine reminders that point to the Creator. All of this universe has time and age that points to a beginning. All of the creation has intricate design that could not come into existence or be sustained by mere chance. All of the creation is so vast that it indicates the almighty power and infinite wisdom of the Creator.

Some scientists today see all of this and have concluded that the evolutionary models cannot explain the origin of the universe.

Their study of the universe has led them to conclude that the many “markers” point to an “intelligent designer” – although they don’t know who “he, she, or it” is! The Christian sees these same markers, but connects the general revelation of this universe with the special revelation of the Bible. The universe directly points to a Creator and He makes Himself known in the Bible. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). It is the joining of the natural world to the spiritual Word of God that gives us true understanding. Since all things point to God, then it is up to God to encourage our understanding as we continue to look at all things. Both the natural world and the spiritual Scriptures will affirm our faith in God.

“If your faith is in God, then God is the origin of your faith, and God will encourage, strengthen and affirm your faith.”

The opposite is true for those who believe this universe spontaneously exploded into existence out of nothing.

“If your faith is in nothing, the you are the origin of your faith, and nothing will encourage, strengthen and affirm your faith.”

God is the Creator.

The universe points to Him. The Scriptures identify Him. God uses His natural world and His spiritual truth to encourage, strengthen and affirm our faith. God’s truth is most important to God. For this reason He effectively communicates it to us every day.