October: A Word from the Pastor

sorrowSorrow and sadness are unavoidable.

Those who reject God respond to the trials of life with brave defiance. They say, “Fate has dealt me a terrible blow, but I will not be deterred by the chance occurrences of life. And though I am confused and distressed, I must soldier on!’ When Christians face sorrow and sadness, we do not attribute the afflictions to chance. Our sovereign God rules all things.

This raises a different problem for us to address.

lf our God is in control, then why do bad things happen to us? Why must we struggle when almighty God could simply wipe our problems away? A hymn writer addressed this perplexity with the following words:

“l am not skilled to understand
what God has willed, what God has planned;
I only know at His right hand
is one who is my Savior.”

Life is inexplicable. No one knows what a day may bring. But the Christian faces the mystery of life with certain fixed truths in mind. We know that we have not been skilled to knowor under,stand the secret will of God. God is indeed in control, but we cannot perceive or understand His infinite wisdom. We cannot see God or His puiposes, but nothing in life happens by chance.

God is in control – and our Savior is at His right hand in heaven above.

He not only secured our salvation at the cross, but He also arose from the dead for us, ascended into heaven for us, and was seated on the throne of God for us. He is our forerunner who ministered to bring us to glory. He makes no mistakes. He is always accomplishing His purposes in our lives. His presence on the throne today gives us great assurance. Because of all that He has done in our place and for our benefit, we shall be with Him. The pathway may be perplexing, but not so for God our Savior.

The One who personally secured our victory at the cross will uphold us through life’s tribulations and bring us to glory. We do not power through our afflictions with human strength, but rather we rest in our Savior. We face the trials of life trusting in the love and wisdom of God which never fail.

  • Gary W. Custis