October: A Word from the Pastor

PrayThe Lord invites us to pray

The sovereign God of this universe saves us from our sins, gives us eternal life, and joins in fellowship with us. He calls us to prayer for our blessing and for His delight. This is a tremendous privilege. We come to the Lord in prayer because we are absolutely dependent upon Him. Only He can meet our needs. When we face a problem in our lives, we immediately turn to the Lord for the help that only He can give. Our need brings us to the throne of grace.

We pray – and then sometimes we wait for the answer.

Waiting on the Lord is not simply the passage of time. Waiting reminds us that God is God. Waiting strengthens our faith. Waiting impresses our hearts with the impossibility of our request being met by anyone other than the Lord. We wait in prayer looking only to the Lord.

When He answers we experience blessing.

Our problem is remedied by God – and we are blessed. But what does God gain by answering our prayers?

What is the benefit for God?

Certainly we are delighted with His answer, but God answers prayer for His glory. He answers prayer in such a way that He alone is worthy of our worship. We pray for His provision, then we pray for His praise and glory. This is the reason that the Lord encourages us to bring our requests before Him with thanksgiving.

Scripture exhorts us,

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).

Our requests and urgent supplications are always to be accompanied with prayer because God has always proven to be faithful in the past, He has promised to hear and answer our prayers in the present, and the only outcome of prayer is the glory of God.

We are encouraged to say “Thank You” to the Lord when we first begin to pray because the loyal love and faithfulness of the Lord never fail. What a great privilege it is to pray with such assurance! So, are you facing a problem that only the Lord can resolve? Are you waiting upon the Lord in prayer?

Never let the passage of time allow your prayers to fade or falter.

Come boldly before the throne of grace with thanksgiving to the Lord. He will hear your prayers. He will answer you according to His will. You shall be blessed and He shall be glorified.

-Gary W. Custis