November: A Word from the Pastor

prayerPrayer is the privilege of the Christian.

The sovereign God of this universe invites us to come into His presence and speak directly to Him. We listen to God in His Word – the Bible. We speak to God in prayer. Our prayers are to focus on God first – and then upon our present needs. We pray that God’s name will be set apart and honored in this world; we pray that the kingdom of God will come; and we pray that the will of God will be accomplished. Then as we focus on our own lives, we ask that God will supply our present, past and future need of provision, forgiveness, and protection. We have ample opportunity to worship God, depend upon Him, and seek His glory in our world.

As we ponder the privilege of prayer, some have asked, “Why does God call us to pray?”

Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, scientist, and theologian asked the question in this way:

“Why does God establish prayer?” Then he answered his own question: “To communicate to His creatures the dignity of causality.” S. Lewis Johnson then added, “It’s an amazing thing that the God who works all things according to the counsel of His own will should delegate to us purposefully the causality of some of these events that He has pre-foreordained.”

It is quite amazing that God listens to our prayers. And it is even more wonderful that God weaves our prayers into the causality of His sovereign purposes. Understood in this way, we don’t pray as a mere formality of our relationship to the LORD God. We pray with the conviction that the God who burdens our hearts to pray – has done so because our prayers are part of the way He accomplishes His purposes.

Has the LORD burdened your heart to pray?

Then be zealous in bringing your prayers into His presence. God dignifies our prayers by making them part of the cause of answers to prayer. In this way prayer is a necessary cause of God’s purposes in our lives and in the world.

– Gary W. Custis