November: A Word from the Pastor

give thanks

Entrance into the presence of the Lord in prayer or in worship should always be accompanied with thanksgiving.

In today’s world, thanksgiving is often directed at the blessing received rather than the Giver of those gifts. Our national day of thanksgiving will be enjoyed by many without a single thought of God.

Christians have a different perspective.

We too are thankful for the many provisions of the LORD. We cannot live without them and especially without Him. However, our hearts are directed by Scripture to focus on the Giver of the gifts – and the greatest of His gifts. Psalm 118 encourages the LORD’s people to an even higher level of thankfulness. In this psalm the focus is on the character of God. The psalmist enters into the presence of the LORD God of Israel with two attributes of God in mind – goodness and loyal love. In the face of danger and distress, the psalmist is comforted and delivered by the goodness and loyal love of the LORD. When the LORD gives us His Word – and makes promises regarding our care – He is always good in providing for His very own.

He is good – always good – and His loyal love is everlasting.

This means that there is no restriction or end to the way the LORD faithfully loves His people. We may fail, we can be unfaithful, but He is always faithful. It is His nature to be good and loyal in the outworking of His love. Whatever our circumstances, the outcome will always be good for those who are loved by the Lord. Even Jesus Christ was the object of the goodness and faithful love of the Father in His earthly ministry. Yet He was “the stone which the builders rejected” (Psalm 118:22).

Is this perfect goodness and love?

Certainly, for the humbling of the Son was designed for His exaltation. The rejected stone “has become the chief corner stone. This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:22). The experience of rejection will be followed with summing up all things in Christ because the goodness and the loyal love of the Lord always prevails. Be thankful, for what the LORD does for His Son He will also do for all who trust in Him!

  • Gary W. Custis