May: A Word from the Pastor

world battleJesus is the main thing.

He is the main thing in everything from creation to life to salvation to kingdom. It is God’s purpose to sum up all things in Jesus Christ to the glory of God. This is the divine purpose, but it is not what the world has in mind.

The world is moving forward in a meaningless existence.

Man in all his limited wisdom has determined that we came from nothing and we are going to nothing. It is this kind of reasoning that has led to the present state of confusion. If life is simply a random existence from nothing to nowhere, then nothing matters. There is no absolute standard in God. Truth does not exist. There is no right or wrong. Reality is whatever man wants it to be. Man sets himself up to be the god of this world.

But, there is a problem with man’s arrogance.

  • First, no matter what man thinks or does, he still lives in God’s world.
  • Second, God’s world always operates according to the truth that forever exists in God.
  • Third, even though man rejects God, he still cannot avoid the consequences of living in God’s world.

Therefore, man is unfulfilled because he cannot avoid sin, cannot be victorious over death, and cannot know what comes when life is over. These remain the imposing perplexities of life. In the end, the realities of God’s world always rise above the fanciful musing of man’s supremacy.

God always prevails.

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen” (Romans 11:36).

The difficulty for Christians is that we live as the light of God in a world of darkness. The world does not know that all things are from Him, through Him and to Him, but we know. The world does not recognize Jesus Christ as the Savior and the King, but we do.

The world walks in the darkness of humanism, but we have the light of God’s truth.

This makes life a challenge, but it is encouraging to know that the final victory of God in Christ is sure and certain. God’s truth will indeed prevail in this world. So, we must be confident as we live for the Lord and have opportunity to spread the gospel of Christ. In the end, He will triumph. Let us be faithful in looking to the Lord as the God of this world. Man may look for other gods, but we are trusting in the One true God who is the only hope for His world. Our hope and trust is only in Him.

-Gary W. Custis