December: A Word from the Pastor

The Christmas season is upon us once again.

It is a time when we remember and rejoice in the coming of the Messiah. Some 4,000 years earlier, His coming was promised in the Garden of Eden. The coming “seed of the woman” would crush the Serpent’s head – defeating the grand rebellion and saving the lost.

The Lord God promised – and then the waiting began.

After many long years, the day of redemption came – and Jesus was born. He is the Son of God and the Son of Man – the perfect One to save us from our sins and establish His kingdom forever. We rejoice at the birth of Christ because of all that He has accomplished for us by His death. But one thing was certain, His birth meant the victory over sin and death was at hand.

The Lord God who promised was now the Lord God who was providing.

Jesus lived, and ministered, and died upon the cross that all who believe in Him might be saved. We are part of that great company of believers who have come to Christ by grace through faith in Christ alone. After Jesus died, He arose in victory and ascended into heaven to sit upon the throne of God. There He now sits as the Father’s sign that His saving work is completed, finished, and lacking in nothing. It declares that we too shall ascend into heaven as followers of our Lord and Savior. He will sit upon the throne until the Father tells Him it is time once again for Him to return to earth and complete

His mission of salvation and kingdom.

So, we wait. The church has been waiting for this return for almost two thousand years. Even so, we have not lost heart. The God who promises is the God who provides. Jesus Christ is coming soon as King of kings and Lord of lords. The moment will soon arrive, like it did so long ago when Christ was born, when the heavens will be opened and Christ will appear.

If the first coming was humble, but glorious – the second coming will be awesome and glorious.

So always remember. All who live by faith also live by waiting. Many waited for Christ’s first coming – we are waiting for His second coming. This glorious moment is coming soon and very soon.

    – Gary W. Custis